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Getting the Most from your Health Insurance

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Health care coverage often begins with a large booklet of information on benefits and exemptions. Many people do not take the time to review this information or the changes that arrive from year to year. Recent changes in health care laws in the United States may also entitle you to benefits you have never received before. It is important to thoroughly examine your health care, ask questions and take advantage of preventative medicine to make sure you are receiving benefits for the payments you make. This article will help you get the most from your health insurance.

1. Sign on to your online account, as soon as your get your health insurance materials. The first time you sign in you will most likely need to use your plan ID and birth date to sign in. Choose a username and password that you can use to access your benefit information. Set up a profile. This can be as easy as updating your address, email and phone number. You may also be asked to choose a general practitioner and a preferred hospital.
On most online health insurance sites, your health plan is listed in detail. You can search by the medical treatment you need to see if it is covered, and how it is covered, by your plan. Use the site so you can understand how claims are listed. In many ways, this is easier to understand than the small print in your large benefits booklet.

2. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card and ask if there is a nurse’s hotline. Most large companies are providing a nurse’s hotline 24 hours a day. They may be able to tell you whether you should wait out your symptoms, book a medical appointment or go straight to the hospital.

3. Search online to find the doctors you want to use. Instead of starting to use your usual doctor or 1 that is recommended, go online and find reviews of doctors. Then check to see which doctors within 1, 5, 10 or 50 miles of your home provide general or specialist services. If your health insurance does not provide objective reviews of doctors, many online sites like, and will provide a better view of the complaints and praises of past clients. Pay attention to whether they have been published in journals or if they have high rankings for technical skills. Bedside matter is just a small part of finding a good doctor.

4. Read or call about preventative care benefits. Under the new Affordable Healthcare Act, insurance companies may be required to provide a yearly physical, flu shots and discounts for gym memberships or weight loss without charging toward your deductible. Under many of these plans only certain vaccinations and health clubs are covered. In some cases, you may only be afforded discounts. The best thing to do if you are unclear is to call your customer service number on the back of your card or go online. Take advantage of discounts available to you through your health plan. This can include eye exams, contact lenses, gym memberships and more. These discounts may be listed in the back of your benefits booklet or available online.Health-insurance-plans-4

5. Keep tabs on your deductible. You should know how much you are required to pay to meet your deductible. If possible, plan to receive extra preventative or needed medical care during years where you meet your deductible early.

6. Understand your state’s required coverage. Insurance laws differ from state to state. For example, infertility coverage or help to stop smoking is required in certain states. You can go to your state’s website, or to find out where your state stands on preventative medicine and other issues.

7. Write letters to your insurance company to complain of doctor services, appeal claims or ask about receiving increased benefits. This correspondence will be answered and it also provides a record of your contact with your insurance company, unlike phone conversations. Make sure to use applicable dates of service, doctors’ names and your insurance information so that your letter can be accurately processed.

8. Shop around if your insurance rates are going up and you have not pre-existing conditions. You may also choose to call your insurance company to see if they can find a plan with a lower cost that fits what you need. However, be careful not to sacrifice benefits like emergency room coverage, anesthesiologist coverage or hospital care.
People who have stopped smoking, lost weight or had over 10 years since a previous operation may be most likely to receive better offers from other health insurance companies. Do not cancel your previous coverage until you have become officially enrolled in a new plan.

9. Contact the Patient Advocacy Foundation if you feel your insurance company has treated you unfairly and you do not know what to do. This group has an exemplary understanding of health insurance law and they can lead you in the right direction.


Keep a journal of your symptoms so that your doctor can accurately diagnose you. In many situations, pain is hard to describe. Be as specific as possible to avoid extra appointments and tests.


Never assume that any service is covered by your insurance. This is a mistake that can often end up with you paying more and getting less from your health insurance. For example, you may assume that physical therapy or prescription medication is automatically covered, where some plans do not cover it at all.



Superhero Protection Insurance

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Superhero protection insurance is designed to be as extraordinary as the heroes it helps. People have posted signs saying, “Who watches the watchmen.” The superhero protection policy asks, “Who watches out for the watchmen.” If you have the world on your shoulders in the crusader trade, then you have more at stake than the average person. Human, alien and mutant can benefit from an all-encompassing superhero policy.

There are many past examples that show the need to prepare superheroes for possible destabilization in the job market. The United States’ Keene Act of 1977 restricted “costumed adventuring,” and made this form of vigilante justice punishable by law. By signing up for an insurance policy, a superhero can be protected against loss of employment, in both the public and private sectors, helping people like Captain America and Professor Xavier of the X-Men. Choose an policy option based on your specific abilities, identity and accoutrements, under the three-fold plan. Take an x-ray glance through all the policy has to offer.

Power ProtectionSuperhero Protection

Angie Dickinson insured her legs, Rod Stewart insured his voice and Keith Richards insured his hands. Superhero protection insurance likewise protects superhero attributes like lightening speed, telepathy, super strength, extreme flexibility and much more. These gifts can often be a burden, if not properly respected. In the words of Spiderman, “Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ This is my gift, my curse. “ Enlisting support from an insurance company provides much needed certainty at a time when superheroes no longer know when they will cross-over or what they will face in battle. 

Superhero protection insurance can also include a sidekick. Under the “Boy Wonder” clause, a superhero can claim one sidekick, human or animal, under his policy without raising the insurance premium. There are additional options to add more dependents. 

Identity Protection

Although identity theft is a problem facing many people today, superhero protection insurance goes a step further than the traditional plans. We believe a secret identity should remain secret. The policy provides around the clock monitoring assistant for both you and your alter ego. Has someone been sniffing around your telephone booth as you don your cape? Our identity theft prevention team sends out a custom fitted changing room that guarantees no one will see your softer side. Opt for increased protection with an invisibility cloak upgrade. Technology experts also monitor the Internet for conspiracy theorists who have pieced together your double life.

After enrolling, simply list your nemeses and your superhero protection insurance policy will watch their movements to ensure that they never come too close to the truth, while giving you fair warning if a nefarious plot is about to unfold.

Property Protection

If you carry the bulk of your power in a weapon or accessory, like Thor and his hammer, or the Green Lantern and his ring, then relying on a safety deposit box or safe is risky. Magneto can control metal and Dr. Doom shoots gamma rays, not to mention the growing number of super genius villains with access to weapons.

Within the first month of insurance protection, superheroes receive a receptacle specially designed and cast to withstand your arch-nemeses’ powers. After his prototype suits were stolen on more than one occasion, Stark Industries enrolled with the Superhero Protection Insurance Company.

Superhero protection insurance is a comprehensive package. For example, if Superman invests in a superhero insurance policy, he can protect his super strength and speed against the crippling affects that kryptonite can cause on his career.  He could add Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl, to his policy. For a small fee he could also add Superdog.

Superman would receive a specially designed receptacle, with which to change from his ordinary clothes into the regal tights of his costume. All products created to protect Superman, Supergirl and Superdog would also be made to resist the destructive genius of Lex Luthor, formerly President Lex Luthor. At the end of the day, he can rest easy from his perch above the world, knowing that while he protects the world, his insurance policy is looking out for him.

More information is available on the Internet, by phone or through telepathic channels. Merely think “Send me superhero protection insurance information” followed by your mailing address or email, and our psychic readers will be on hand to forward the information. Read the rate and coverage scale to decide the plan that fits your qualities and budget.  Payment is available in barter options for superheroes that can provide services to our company. The Superhero Protection Insurance Company motto comes from Superman’s sage words. When speaking with the Justice League of America, he said his purpose for humankind was “to catch them if they fall.”


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More than an art exhibit, The Silver of the Stars collection tells the stories of Sean Connery, Ewen McGregor and eight other Scottish celebrities enjoying a favorite moment, a drink with a friend. Scottish silversmiths turned their tales of tea, coffee and hot cocoa into stylish jugs, classic quaichs and mugs that look too good to taint. This catalog allows you to savor the moments long after the collection has its happy ending by being auctioned off for ten deserving charities.